light-sign-typography-lightingOnce our clients experience the dedication we have in guiding them through all their complexities, we shift from being a financial planning firm, to being their trusted advisor who, they feel, is now integral to their life.

Many clients have expressed quite passionately to us how much they appreciate what we’ve done for them and their families, and the peace of mind they now enjoy. They are confident that we are focused only on their best interests and this is because we are.

In the November 2023 Client Survey, we asked clients to comment on where they gained the greatest value from their relationship with Momentum. Their responses are noted below:

“The clear advice I receive, the respect with which I am treated and the information bulletins we receive.”

“I really appreciate the highly personal, friendly and unbiased advice that I receive from my Momentum advisor. It takes a lot of stress out of my relationship with my partner as we are on the same page, receiving the same information from our advisor. We know we are receiving very high-quality advice and service and this is very comforting and reassuring.”

“Having a watchdog to oversee the government changes/current situation to superannuation.”

“I like the forecasting and alternative options/solutions that are presented. I also enjoy that you manage our expectations and are conscious of the psychological impact when making financial decisions.”

“Not having to think about financial things, yet being given the choices.”

“Pippa understands our goals and listens attentively to our plans.  She explains complicated strategies in a simple manner and always ensures we understand the plans prepared.”

“Open communication.”

“In the continuity of our engagement.”

“Discussions we have with Bev and she makes sure we understand our plans.”

“Peace of mind about our future.”

“Reassurance when financially, things head south. I feel like Pippa understands more than just my bank balance. I feel like I’m seen holistically, rather than just financially.”

“Customised and personalised service and value with having Beverly advise us but also knowing that the expertise within the Momentum team and collaboration that is behind the scenes helps all our portfolios.”

“We have been with Momentum since 2008 and have always received good advice with regular updates when global and local circumstances change.”

“Peace of mind, long term view and discipline that you bring when it comes to financial decisions and management. Also knowing you are providing truly independent advice.”

“Understanding where the money was going and the best way to better our position – it wasn’t as I thought!”

“From having a personal advisor (and not just whoever is available on the day) we feel confident that she knows our situation inside out and is therefore in the best position to give best advice.”

“Always contactable and responsive.”

“They keep up to date to your needs and take time to understand your individual circumstances.”

“Being able to sleep at night confidently knowing that our financial affairs are being well looked after.”

“Looking after Insurance & super which are not our favourite subjects.”

“Being able to contact you – even with minor issues – at any time, and not having to wait until annual review.”

“Experienced and knowledgeable staff, dedicated to my portfolio.”

“Having the confidence that the advice and support we are getting is correct and reliable.”

“Knowing we are on track to retire comfortably.”

“Not having to deal with forms and knowing my money is working as well as possible.”

“Review of financial position and advice on necessary adjustments we have to make.”


“Personal service providing clear, easy to understand planning.”

“Knowing that our financial options have been assessed and modelling completed for the long term outcomes. Having a diversified portfolio and being able to seek advice when circumstances change.”

“To run different scenarios to test the impact on our financial goals.”

“The assistance in directing my financial affairs in a productive way.”

“We feel that Beverly understands our financial situation and plans very well and responds promptly when contacted with good information and excellent knowledge.”

“Momentum knowing us as individuals rather than just numbers.”

“Yearly reviews and emailed comments on recent world and local events that impact our finances.”

“Knowing when and if I can retire and the Legal side of wills/power of attorney.”

“Peace of mind knowing I don’t have to worry about finances – Momentum do that for me.”

“Review time, and education.”


“In the security and confidence that we will be financially independent even when we reach 90 and beyond.”

 “One on one consultation – that way, Momentum can understand our concerns and goals.”

“Takes all the stress from me knowing Momentum can handle everything.”

“Our relationship with Beverly and the trust in her.”

“Peace of mind and willingness to unconditionally help when needed.”

“All of the financial advice. I’m useless at finances so it’s so lovely that I get amazing advice and can always send through a question and it gets answered immediately!”

“Keeping us on track with our plan, open to looking at options and then comparing to our original ideas to see what suits best.”

“Your team are always friendly and knowledgeable.”

“The ability to get good reliable advice and able to contact the planner whenever we have concerns.”

“Common-sense and clear useful advice.”

“Confidence in the Independent and evidence-based advice provided.”

“Access to financial planning expertise.”

“Able to bring new ideas.”

“Good advice.”

“Spending with confidence, given a budget and plan is in place.”

“One on one relationship.”

“Long term financial Goals.”

“We have a second opinion about all our financial decisions. Left of field opportunities represented by a team who are looking specifically for our risk profile.”

“Attention to detail. Keep clients on track.”

“Having an Advisor we can chat to any time.”

“Our continued good lifestyle thanks to the team.”

“I believe Beverly and the team have my best interests at heart.”

“Regular review with my personal adviser.”

“Our annual review meeting.”

“Confidence in my retirement plan.”

“Having clear goals for our financial journey to retirement.”

“Advice on investment strategy and managing our portfolio.”

“Knowing that someone with expertise is looking after our financial future.”

“The comfort and knowledge of knowing our financials are monitored and look after.”

“Face to face meetings.”

“Planning and analysis for key decisions.”

“Centrelink liaison.”

“The personal touch. I feel my concerns are listened to & not dismissed.”

“The ability to access advice on call.”

“Peace of mind that we are doing all we can in our financial space.”

“The concise and continued communication from the team.”

“Having access to people who are up-to-date with the ever changing financial landscape. Momentum’s communication is prompt, thorough and reliable.”

“Being able to phone and speak to an advisor at any given time re any concerns I may have re my portfolio.”

“Superannuation/retirement planning.”

“Someone you can trust with your financial situation.”

“The open and friendly conversations we have.”

“Reassuring and encouraging guidance.”

“Reassurance, knowing we can get information when needed.”

“Being able to contact Amanda at any time to discuss issues or seek advice.”

“Regular check-ins, follow up on meetings, good communication, annual face-to-face meetings, budgeting on a monthly basis and planning for the future.”

“The clarity of the advice and the responsiveness of the team.”

“The personal service.”

“Knowing what we need to do to reach our goals and have it all outlined and explained.”

“Long-term effects of choices.”

“From detailed emails from Bev, and the explanation of why and when’s.”

“They look after our money as if it was theirs, they understand our needs.”

“Availability and response time to queries.”

“Latest regulation.”

“Personalised advice.”

“One-to-one meetings.”

“Timely response to queries from individuals I trust.”

“Personalised advice, prompt follow up.”

“Personal advice.”

“Annual reviews.”

“Confidence in the advice and plan.”

“1:1 meetings and ad hoc phone issue resolution/follow up.”

“Personal 1:1 reviews.”

“Personal contact.“

“Knowing that my finances are in good hands.”

“Security and peace of mind.”

“I know you sort out any queries very promptly, but having only been with you a year, we are still in early stages of our relationship.“


“To be genuinely treated as a unique client and for our business not to be taken for granted.”

“Knowing our finances are taken care of.”

“Accurate advice on new financial trends, explaining the risks and opportunities.”

“Catch ups to discuss financial position and news letters / bulletins talking about market.”

“Clear and precise communication, always available for discussion.”

“The personal attention specific to my needs… and all within a strong sense of trust.”

“The disciplined approach.”

“The long-term financial strategy and peace of mind having someone to call when significant questions need advice on.”

“Momentum dealing with centre link and reinvesting term deposits.”


“Having any cloudy areas explained quickly.”

“Not having to worry about the financial decisions that need to be made without having the knowledge to make those decisions.”

“Whenever there’s change.”

“Face to Face Meetings over a Coffee.”

“Long term planning.”

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