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light-sign-typography-lightingOnce our clients experience the dedication we have in guiding them through all their complexities, we shift from being a financial planning firm, to being their trusted advisor who, they feel, is now integral to their life.

Many clients have expressed quite passionately to us how much they appreciate what we’ve done for them and their families, and the peace of mind they now enjoy. They are confident that we are focused only on their best interests and this is because we are.

In the November 2020 Client Survey, we asked clients to comment on where they gained the greatest value from their relationship with Momentum. Their responses are noted below:

Our greatest value is peace of mind in regards to financial security, through having a well thought out plan that we know can be adjusted if our circumstances change.

The willingness to assist with scenario planning.

The constant monitoring of the external influences and the ability to check and change as required.

The objective setting, then implementing and tracking progress.

Understanding rules and requirements to achieve maximum financial benefit.

Having great support from Pippa who understands our needs and always makes time to run “what if scenarios” to assist us in planning our finances and plans.

Clear budgeting commitment and achievable outcomes.

Acting as a knowledgeable sounding board and providing industry leading solutions in relation to insurance and super products.

Allows me to focus on the bigger picture and leave the details to Momentum to sort out, helps a lot when you’re asset rich and time poor!

Advice, and dealings with Centrelink.

Encouraging our financial discipline and being able to see how we can achieve our financial goals.

Knowing that my finances, insurances, and important life documents such as Wills are regularly reviewed and I get sound advice from Momentum.

Honestly and giving the best advice for myself.

The freedom to contact anytime, regarding queries & problems.

Being kept grounded and focused on the long term. Reminders that short-term market movement do not necessarily mean changes to the finance plan and goals are required.

Deciding to work with Pippa and the Momentum team has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I greatly value the consistent, statistically based information provided to me and the warm, encouraging and collegiate manner in which it is done.

Regular catch ups finding out where the current situation stands, big changes having a budget that I can stick with. Advisor, to whom I can relate.

A challenge on our way of thinking – to think outside the box!

Easy access and prompt service.

Regular reviews, and being able to ask advice for any issues that arise during the year.

Getting an objective view of our current financial position. Keeping life insurance in balance with current debt.

One to one relationship with my Financial Planner.

Understanding of the regulations on super for forward planning.

I like the accountability and the reassurance that a professional is helping me to organise the bigger picture.

Knowing when I can retire, based on what I want to do or have in retirement.

Having a clear plan both for the coming year and longer term. Somebody to turn to (when we’re uncertain) to provide advice, reassurance and assistance in dealing with issues that arise such as meeting difficult or complicated Centrelink requirements.

Active involvement and interest in key decisions when needed.

Peace of mind knowing that Momentum are continually looking at how our investments are going.

Being able to adapt when I’m changing my life style and plans while planning.

The extremely thorough planning and modelling scenarios instilled us with great confidence to proceed with implementation. This was an area (by ourselves) where we had frozen and not at all confident in deciding a path forward.

Having peace of mind that we are making the best financial decisions to achieve our lifestyle goals.

From having an informed holistic view of our financial situation and how it helps us achieve our goals. We also appreciate how responsive you’ve been during the planning process so far.

Advisor availability and how quick queries are answered.

Balanced advice on all aspects of finances in our lives. Ability to discuss opportunities at any stage through provision of multiple courses of action and their advantages and disadvantages. Completing administrative paperwork, saving us time.

The personalised friendship we have got from Pippa along our journey with her. We aren’t just a client we are friends and that’s what I love about Momentum. 🙂

Excellent communication. Prompt responses.

My peace of mind, knowing that I can leave my financial future in very capable hands. The advice and re-assurance from Declan and Hayley have been life-changing for me and I’m really happy I found you guys.

Knowing we have a dedicated team of professionals looking after our financial future that genuinely care.

Attention to detail, second to none. Always follow up and provide clear communication.

Reassurance and sense of support from ongoing planning meetings.

Trust and visibility.

Their outlook and knowledge of financial systems.

Being able to contact Amanda and having her address any query I may have. In addition, I very much appreciate the patience and understanding extended to me by Ananda & Melissa.

Understanding how our short-term decisions and changes in circumstances affect our long-term goals and plans.

Comfort that our future financial plans and retirement are well mapped out.

Being able to talk to Amanda, for advice.

Being able to contact you regarding questions that come up during the year (not just at the annual review).

Face to face consultations supporting and discussing how things are progressing.

The peace of mind knowing that our finances are secure.

The peace of mind knowing that there is a team of professional financial specialists sharing their knowledge and applying it to our nest egg.

Having our finances in good hands.

Clarity of where we are financially and a better understanding of what our future looks like.


Close relationship with advisor means she knows who we are and doesn’t have to scrabble through her notes to recall us.

Analysis as our situation changes.

Keeping us financially on track.

Adhoc advice throughout the year.

Continuity. Bespoke advice. Trust.

Understanding our needs and provide us with confidence of meeting our financial goals.

Being able to ask questions any time.

Taking the burden off our shoulders to “execute the plan”.

By the way the company suggests ways to help lessen the damage when the market falters.

The groups experience, knowledge and ability to forecast our potential wealth and income going forward into retirement age.

The ongoing support and care taken with our funds.

Prompt availability at any time.

Confidence that we have a plan that is well-considered and secure.

You know me/us and treat us as individuals rather than what’s best for the pack.

Long term planning.

Level of reassurance and confidence in the direction we are travelling in.

Confidence in handling my assets.

Knowing and understanding our future positions and options available to us.

The one-on-one long-term contact.

Having someone who we can rely on to look after us.

If our Advisor is unavailable, there is always someone else who is familiar with our situation. We are given regular updates and advice re current financial situations that arise especially those of the last 10 months.

Security and less stress.

Having trusted/professional advisors to manage my retirement portfolio that can be contacted as required.

personal relationship and available with solutions to walk us through a crisis.

Sound advice, continuity of personnel, understanding of our circumstances.

Clarity of the plan. It is easy to understand. Previous plans from the back were full of endless graphs and 30-40 pages long. Language was jargonistic and inaccessible.

financial guide and investment to achieve longevity of financial goals.

Knowing that someone we trust would be there financially when/if we need it.

Clear and straightforward advice.

We have confidence in Bev’s knowledge and professionalism.

Consistency in feedback, advice that targets the holistic and long-term wealth generation.

Keeping up to date with government changes that affect us.

Knowing how my finances are and that it is in good hands.

A Combination of the reports I receive and the face to face meetings. That means everything!

Communication and available when you need them.

Peace of mind.

Keeping us focused on our long term and short-term objectives.

From the great financial knowledge you have, advice given and terrific interpersonal skills.

With our one on one meetings. We have a confidence in the advice researched and given.

The comfort I take in knowing Momentum have my best interests at heart in all areas of my financial plan.

Beverly seems to have a very good understanding of our requirements. She has also recommended some very good strategies that we would not have undertaken on our own. She has made us think and get a much better understanding of our financial situation. I also like her persistence when she chases us up to ensure that we make the changes she has recommended. Some of our friends say that they find financial advice too expensive for the benefit and often leads them down a particular path. Momentum are not cheap, however, some of the key decisions and changes that Beverly has explained and convinced us to change have been big hitters and made a huge difference to our financial situation. We therefore think that Beverly and Momentum’s advice is good value and have recommended Momentum to others.

In the 2019 Independent Client Survey, conducted by Business Health, Momentum were benchmarked against almost 300 advice firms nationally across 9 performance areas.  Momentum ranked in the top 25% in every category, giving an average rating of 4.72 on a scale of 1 to 5.  1 being “very poor” and 5 being “excellent”. 

The 9 areas were:

1. Understanding of the client and their needs (4.7)

2. Business Relationship – the level of trust with advisors (4.81)

3. Financial Knowledge – of individual advisors and across the practice (4.77)

4. Range of Financial Services (4.55)

5. Implementation of solutions – helping clients to get it done (4.78)

6. Professionalism of the practice (4.81)

7. Standard of support staff (4.74)

8. Financial review Process (4.63); and

9. Communication (4.65)

100% of Momentum’s survey respondents stated that they were happy to refer Momentum to friends, family and colleagues and 100% were intending to remain clients of Momentum.  We were very humbled by this but still believe there are areas we can improve in.

Within the survey, clients openly shared their experiences, some of which are noted here:

“We have only been with Momentum for a short time (12 – 18 months) but I certainly feel that our needs and wishes for our financial future, plus safe guarding for our children, have been well accommodated.”

“A very professional service that inspires confidence.”

“I am very impressed with the services I receive and have a lot of confidence in Amanda. I feel that I am a lot more in control of my financial future”

“One of the strongest positives about this business is that they are all not only professional but down to earth with a caring and understanding environment which creates a comfortable and trusting environment. I am always keen to recommend their services to family & friends.”

“Excellent knowledge of wealth management, risk, insurance and life course planning.”

“I have always felt totally confident in my dealings with the team at Momentum Planning.” “I have limited financial knowledge and I always appreciate their time and understanding.”

“Always courteous, good advice and trustworthy.”

“We as a couple have definitely grown, our financial goals are looking more feasible than ever and we thank Amanda as well as Momentum for their ongoing support.” “Working with us on all levels has created a very trusting relationship, one we wish to continue.”

“Thanks to Amanda and the team we have a solid plan for the future.  The Momentum team are always friendly and professional. Our only regret is not getting onboard earlier”

“Values based business, open, clear communication, focus on outcomes, follow-up and service centric approach.”

“We have always felt comfortable with Momentum and particularly our Advisor, Beverly. “We would recommend Momentum to friends if they so wished.”

“Momentum are excellent to deal with and l feel very comfortable knowing they are looking after my wife and I.”

“We gain great confidence and reassurance from Pip and Amanda in what are for us very trying times.”

“I have been with Momentum Planning for more than 15 years now and look forward to my future with them as Advisers.”

“Everyone at Momentum Planning is always very courteous and helpful. Any issues are attended to very promptly and professionally yet there is a real personal touch.”

“If every financial planner had the same ethical standards as Momentum there would be less stress on people’s finances.”

“The main strength is the small team, the continuity of working with a single adviser who is always up to speed with our financial scenario and always willing to provide quick advice outside of our annual meetings. And they are always very pleasant!”

“Our adviser is always fully aware of where we are with our finances. We are able to communicate with her at any time through phone, email or a visit at any time convenience to both parties.  We can sleep at night and have absolutely no concerns about the way our finances are handled. They are professional, fully up-to-date and fully qualified.”

“The momentum team and particular Amanda live by their philosophy which allows us to have trust in them. Their philosophy is built and factored into each and every plan. The momentum team main focus is on their clients and ensuring their clients achieve their goals. Their personable nature and approach to their clients makes it easy for us as clients to regular communicate with them and call on them when advice is needed.”

“I have been with Momentum for approximately 11 years and they have been extremely good years.  I have a solid level of comfort that I am receiving good advice appropriate to my needs.  I also always feel that my queries will be and are taken seriously and importantly are acted on quickly. Simply stated, Momentum is in my view a very professional organisation, client focused according to the differing needs of clients and that it proving great advice and recommendations and strives to make my life more simple in financial terms.”

“We really value the advice and relationship with Momentum. It provides us a great deal of comfort to know we are maximizing our wealth, risk and strategy for retirement and support of our family.”

“Always on hand to run different scenarios and incorporate lifestyle and experience into our financial plans. Thanks for your advice and guidance Amanda!”

“I have confidently recommended Momentum to a friend in need of help and advice.”

“Personally, I like the fact that we have been dealing with Momentum for several years now and found our adviser to be looking forward with our best interests in mind. Also really love the movie nights, I think that is something that not only makes it personal and friendly but also sets Momentum apart from competitors.”

“Main strengths seem to be good communication and have made us feel comfortable that our money is placed in the best place for us to reach our retirement goals. We feel confident in your financial knowledge and expertise as we need that, not being financial experts ourselves!!”

“The leadership team and both the individual and combined strengths of the entire team”

“The main strength of our advisor is her ability to explain simply how our investment strategy has failed or succeeded and why it has changed. While also immediately providing a solution or reassurance if we just need to sit tight.”

“New client, extremely impressed with all staff knowledge & communication provided to date.”

“Appreciate their integrity and reliability”

“We appreciate the honesty & trust that underscores our relationship.”


When asked how well do you believe your Adviser understands your personal financial needs? The responses were:

“My Advisor always puts my needs first and actioned promptly with a follow up.”

“We have been with Momentum for many years and have never had a reason to change to another company.”

“Over the last 5 years Amanda has grown to understand what is important to us, this including both financial and personal needs.”

“Beverly is always very thorough and very professional.”

“Beverley fully understands our financial situation.”

“From day 1, Amanda has taken the time to understand and get to know who we are as individuals and what our hopes, dreams and goals are. Every time we meet with Amanda she takes the time to see if things have changed and also if there is anything new or further that’s needs to be considered and factored into the plan.”

“Beverly understands my need for financial security and the level of knowledge and information I need to have to make me feel comfortable.”

“Our adviser understands very well, if there is a problem it is us who hasn’t communicated effectively enough.”

“Very well versed on what our objectives are i.e. financial security balanced with a lifestyle we can afford and having all our affairs in order”.

“Has been able improve our knowledge and hence future decision making.”

“Amanda is outstandingly compassionate, thoughtful and practical in assisting us with our superannuation needs.”


When asked how comfortable do you feel talking about your financial needs? What is the level of trust between yourself and your Adviser? the responses were:

“I have been with my Adviser since 2006 and have complete trust in all the decisions.” “Discussed and actioned.”

“Amanda never makes us feel silly when asking even the silliest of questions.”

“No problems with trust between ourselves ad Beverly.”

“Very comfortable.”

“We would describe Amanda as engaging and personable. Given she has taken the time to know and understand who we are as individuals and also what role she can play to help us achieve our goals we have formed a personal relationship with her. It doesn’t feel like we are talking to a business but instead a knowledgeable advisor which has increased our level of trust.”

“Complete trust.”

“I feel totally comfortable talking to Beverly about my finances and I have total trust in her.”

“We enjoy a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with our adviser and the Momentum team. It wouldn’t work for us if we didn’t have the level of trust we have, or if we had to sleep with one eye open!”

“Our advisor is easy to talk to and as time has passed they have become a more integral part of our life decisions.”

“Trust is extremely high & we have passed this information onto our children so they can feel free to use her assistance when we are dead & they want to settle the estate.”


When asked what level of technical knowledge do you believe your Adviser has in relation to your financial needs? This includes the knowledge contained within the practice, and its network of associates? The responses were:

“I believe the associates meet regularly to discuss clients to ensure their financial needs for the future are met. My present and future needs are always taken into consideration and kept up to date.”

“Very comprehensive which only enhances our trust in Amanda as well as in Momentum.”

“Amanda has a sound level of technical knowledge. It appears that she has also built a network of other advisors in different industries such as a finance broker who assist with particular questions outside Amanda’s scope. These advisors in these industries also have a sound level of technical advice.”

“I believe their actions are in my best interest, once again I do not fully understand my financial standing, my failing for not asking the correct questions.”

“I believe Beverly’s technical knowledge is extremely good but that may be more of a comment about mine than hers!  Having said that I have never had any reason to doubt the information she gives me and so far it has worked out. The practice seems to be extremely collaborative and I get the distinct feeling there is a great deal of discussion and sharing of information that goes on.  I am unaware of the network of associates.”

“Very strong and always able to keep us up with what’s going on in their world.”

“They have systems in place to analyse the latest financial statistics in all funds and companies pertinent to our situation.  They present this to us in an understandable and clear manner.”


When asked how well do you believe your Adviser has followed through and implemented solutions to your financial needs? This may include the time taken to implement a solution, the process that was followed, and whether you received what you expected? The responses were:

“Very thorough.”

“I have complete faith that the adviser has my best interests at heart.”

“Excellent in all areas.”

“It is us who takes time to get things done or supply information – our adviser is very quick!”

“We are fairly new clients but so far everything has been great. Will be interested to see how we feel in 10 years but fully expect to feel the same.”

“Yes, and it’s always appreciated when they chase us if we haven’t done our bit!”

“They always follow up in a timely fashion all financial changes that we decide upon during our meetings.”


When asked how do you rate the overall professionalism of the practice in terms of its business operations, business premises, furnishings, equipment, image and location? The responses were:

“I have always found all the Advisers acting in a professional manner but most of all have a caring & understanding nature which creates a trusting environment. It is for these reasons and to know my financial future is in good hands that  I have remained with them for all these years.”

“I am always received with a smile and attentive service.”

“Amanda is also dressed and communicates very professionally. The business and office premises is always presented very well. Momentum have up to date technology which allows us to go through our plans on a screen. Furthermore they offer a range of ways to communicate such as face to face, email, phone or Skype. They have an approach that allows clients to contact them at anytime from anywhere.”

“I said 5 but the site, furnishings or equipment presentations means little to me, the reason for the 5, they appear real.”

“Momentum is excellent in aspects of this statement.  The staff seem totally committed to the clients. As for the premises, furnishings, image and location, I am always impressed that they are understated and appear to give excellent service rather than taking the path of some who have flashy premises which obviously cost the clients in the long run.”

“Haven’t visited new premises but have the luxury of Amanda visiting us in Melbourne!”

“Have never visited Momentum’s Office. Other contacts have been by skype and phone and helpful.”

“More than adequate and always a pleasure to visit the office.”


When asked how well does your Adviser keep up to date with your changing financial needs? Do they regularly ask for details on your changing circumstances and update you on whether you are achieving your financial and personal goals? The responses were:

“I am completely satisfied with being kept up to date and my personal and financial goals are always taken into consideration.”

“Perhaps a check in mid-year if we were not meeting our plan, but otherwise a check in would not be necessary.”

“Still too early to answer that one.”

“We meet with Amanda twice a year where we not only discuss our goals and plans but also reflect on what we have achieved. Amanda also takes a proactive approach to find out if things have changed or if there are new situations or circumstances that need to be factored into the plan.”

“Difficult to say in honesty, I am heavily reliant on their questions which occur frequently, it does make me feel safer in my surroundings and that alone adds confidence, the end result is they have my future in their hands, up until now I have no questions.”

“Again, time will tell but so far has been good with first 6 month review just complete.

6 monthly minor reviews and 12 monthly major reviews. They send out emails regarding latest financial advice and national policy.”

“We both feel free to approach Amanda at any time.”

In the 2018 Anonymous Client Survey, clients were asked to rate their experience with our firm. 93% of respondents stated that we meet or exceed their expectations. 95% understand their unique plan and what it will take to achieve their objectives.  97% were comfortable referring friends, family & colleagues to use the services of Momentum.

We also asked them to comment on where they gained the most value from the Momentum relationship. Here are some of the answers:

“It has reduced our anxiety about the financial cost of our retirement and we are now more confident that we have a secure financial future. We now take pleasure in purchasing items for our household and organising holidays instead of worrying if we are over spending.”

”Amanda is our voice of reason. She is very personal and thorough.  Her communication skills are able to ascertain what is going on in our lives, what our biggest fears are and what goals we are hoping to achieve. She then considers all options whenever we need them and provides very clear and concise advice.”

”Guidance in seeing the big picture financially speaking, seeing the long term view and understanding long range projections, great value comes with knowing you have a plan for the future that is being carefully overseen by momentum staff… you can relax knowing you have accounted for unforeseen circumstances…”

”The personal relationship built over the years.  Momentum is so much more than our financial adviser… they feel more like a partner. They are definitely our go-to people.”

”We have someone to contact when we have questions around financial advice. I was initially sceptical about having an ongoing relationship but am now convinced that it is very valuable.”

”Highly approachable financial partner, where by any question, idea or advice can be discussed at any time. That combined with having a financial status and clear annual plans to achieve goals make the service greatly valued.”

”Trust, transparency, honesty, we have gained their combined knowledge bank, and certainly not least; the friendship and ease of doing business.”

”The sense of security we have, that we have engaged the right experts to look after our financial security on an ongoing basis. (And also to fill out annoying forms for us).”

”Knowing they are available to discuss any financial decision and its short/long term impacts and thinking about alternatives.”

”I know that important things that I would procrastinate about and probably not get to are looked after and in good hands with Momentum Planning.”

”I feel the girls are super supportive, understand us personally and what we want to achieve. I feel secure with them.”

”They provide ongoing advice supporting our changing circumstances.  They give us stability, consistency and support to help us ‘keep to a plan’.”

”Confidence; in keeping pace with legislation amendments that may affect our situation.”

”Trust in Pippa as she is genuinely interested and committed to achieving our objectives.”

”Beverley understands our needs and plans, easy contact with queries we have.”

“Understanding how our decisions today impact our financial position in the future, understanding how we can work towards our goals.”

”They give excellent explanations of options during meetings, and excellent follow-up via e-mail.”

”In all areas we trust them, they are very clear and direct about what is going in.”

”Trust that you are operating in our best interest.”

”Comprehensive service and regular follow up of details, as well as assistance to achieve planned objectives.”

”Momentum’s expert advice.  Peace of mind.  Friendly and transparent relationship.”

”The annual review, the confidence of their recommendations, and the consistency over time.”

”Realistic investing.”

”Confidence of Momentum’s knowledge, advice & commitment to our financial future.”

”Fewer worries about finances.”

”The greatest value is in having someone to trust to help you sort your life while you are not in control.”

”The advice we receive on the best way to do things and to having some accountability for our finances.”

”Being able to call or email if I have a question – even if it is a dumb question.”

”We trust our advisor. Security and being able to sleep at night.”

”Knowing that we are working together to achieve our goals.”

”Peace of mind knowing we are kept informed and given sound advice to maximise our limited retirement funds.”

”Having a plan and knowing how we are able to achieve our goals.”

”The clarity of direction and discipline.”

”Personalised approach to planning.”

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